Hi! I’m Walt Snider

Office 365 Trainer. IT Manager. Photographer. Voice Actor.
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About Walt

About Me

I was soldering motherboards when I was 9, more than 30 years ago. My fascination with tech has only increased with the years.

I have managed over 300 technical employees, reduced ortganizational costs, streamlined business processes, built a podcast group with international reach, produced hundreds of videos, and created custom curriculum to train more than 120,000 admins and end users. My personal goal is to be better today than I was yesterday.

My Specialities

Office 365 Trainer

Educating people of differing technical ability in plain English.

IT Manager

Upskilling employees, improving efficiency, growing the company.

Technical Writer

Creating easy to understand documentation.

Skills & abilities

Classroom Education
Employee Development
Technical Support

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